White Chest Freezer

At Icetech Freezers we’ve been manufacturing and supplying white chest freezers and other freezers for over 40 years, and in which time a truly amazing ten million plus of them have left our factory in Caithness and destined for homes across the world. We’re now the only manufacturer in Great Britain of domestic freezers, so when you buy direct from us you also do so in the knowledge that you’re supporting a UK business and the wider UK economy. Plus, why buy a foreign import from a retailer when you can buy a very high quality British product direct from the manufacturer?

  • Buy a British white chest freezer direct from the manufacturer
  • Icetech Freezers have been in business for over forty years
  • Over ten million appliances sold worldwide
  • Delivery anywhere in the UK and we’ll take away your old freezer
  • Quick, easy and safe to order online
  • Very high quality products

The quality of our white chest freezers – and all our other products for that matter – is excellent, and this quality comes from the experience of four decades of being in business and the commitment and expertise of our team in our Caithness factory.

Along with low prices, high quality and being able to buy direct from a UK manufacturer, another aspect of our offer which customers really like is that when we deliver a new freezer we can take away your old one for just £18. This not only helps you if the new freezer simply takes the space of the old one, but it also leaves you safe in the knowledge that the old appliance will be properly disposed of and in an environmentally sensitive way.

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